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Whats NEW to come from me! :)

2010-09-21 15:52:14 by MrStaticGamer

Hmmm... many of you people may not be reading this post but I think I will go ahead and type out the new coming flash on Newgrounds (My Page) . First of all thank you for voting on which flash voice suits the character I made best. The vote results came in with 7 people voting for "Voice 2" and 67 people voting for "Voice 1". So voice it is.

So whats new to come
The Eric Collection - (Includes) NB: EpE stands for Episode Eric
- EpE-Newgrounds New Kid
- EpE-Teabag At Work
- EpE-S*x Bomb
- And lots more

No new games yet but maybe one very cool one to come soon (hopefully)
My flash submission ICONS have been changed to a more profressional looking photoshoped images and a NEW website to come but for now enjoy.

Thank you for the few people who has read this. :)

Whats NEW to come from me! :)


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